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From November 2014 the ceiling of the offered Peratum sums has jumped! Now our clients have the opportunity to withdraw credit up to BGN 1000 and pay it off in monthly installments. The possible amounts for the installment loan are from 400 to 1000 BGN, with a repayment period of 2 to 6 months. The borrower decides for himself how long to repay the loan – for example, if he withdraws 1000 levs and chooses to repay it for 6 months, the monthly installment will be 186.65 levs. In this example, the annual cost rate (APR) is 49.05%. Explore more options for loan amounts and terms in our credit calculator!


Often we have to face higher expenses during the month

Often we have to face higher expenses during the month

to buy an electrical appliance for the household, or to pay for a serious repair of our car. In these cases, we have to ask for more than our monthly salary. Tonia Esmeralda is aware of these needs and is therefore offering its clients the possibility of a larger amount of credit: from 400 to 1000 BGN. Applying for a monthly installment loan remains as convenient, fast and easy as ever. The credit application is completed online at our site by easily selecting the amount you want in the amount field or using the home page slider. With our online form, you avoid queues, wasting time and nerves, and waiting for a decision for days. You get up to 5 minutes via SMS!


Tonia Esmeralda offers a repayment plan of 2 to 6 monthly installments

repayment plan of 2 to 6 monthly installments

You choose the term for which you can repay the loan. When choosing the amount and number of monthly installments below, you see in real time the amount of the installment and the date of the first due date. The amount of the contribution is the same for each month of the contract.

In addition, you always have a 5-day grace period for making the monthly installment. For example, if the due date is 10/04/2015, you can pay the amount due up to 15/04/2015 without incurring penalties. The grace period applies to each of the installments of a loan.

It is not possible to extend the loan on monthly installments since they are initially deferred over time. Extension is only possible for payday loans that have only one fixed maturity date, on which the entire loan amount is due – principal + interest. Extending the payday loan is an additional service for which a fee is paid.


We recall that the security of the data provided is fully guaranteed

We recall that the security of the data provided is fully guaranteed

Our site information is protected by an encrypted link. We guarantee that your personal information is 100% secure when applying for an online loan.

In addition, you can be completely calm after submitting the request, since sending the request does not bind you to credit. Here are a few steps – getting a response from us (opinion on the request), and you must explicitly confirm your agreement to conclude a contract, only then it is possible to be granted credit. Completing the online form does not bind you to a loan and is completely free! We have no hidden fees – we do not require a fee for applying for a loan, nor a fee for examining the request, nor fees for money transfers.

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