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Post-financing: savings terms for loans

Post-financing: savings terms for loans

If a installment or real estate loan is not fully repaid at the end of its useful life, the borrower will need additional funding. If a installment or real estate loan is not fully repaid at the end of its useful life, the borrower will need additional funding. However, if a borrower concludes a new lease a few weeks before the loan expires, he will not have to pay any additional interest.

Another option for follow-up financing in just a few years is a home savings contract. To grant borrowers such a loan, they must meet one condition: they must make a large one-off payment in order to obtain the minimum amount necessary for the timely provision of the follow-up funding. Basically, “before the debtors agree on a follow-up financing, they should quietly think about the additional period, the sum of the new tranches and the required loan amount,” recommends Niels Mauhauser.

“Whatever conditions make sense depends on the investor’s financial and living circumstances, and if you suddenly earn or earn a lot, you can make faster payments for higher prices, but if maintenance is due, it may be that The favorable interest rates on home loans are currently about 1.3 percentage points over a ten-year period.

If the loan is taken out in five years, an interest premium of around one percent will be added.

Cap Loans for Private Customers | Home & Living

Cap Loans for Private Customers | Home & Living

In the case of cap loans, you can not only benefit from favorable developments on the interest rate markets – you can also hedge against the residual risk of an excessive rise in interest rates. The interest rate on the cap loan, like the Flex loan, is not fixed for the long term but is based on the current Bankate money market rate for a period of three to six years.

The Bankate, on whose terms the credit institutions grant each other loans, is based on the key interest rate of Europ. It is set up every day. In contrast, lenders can raise their interest on a traditional loan. The special feature of the cap loan: When concluding a contract, an additional interest cap is set for a certain period of time (“three, five, ten or fifteen years”).

The interest on the loan must not exceed this limit. For this reason, a floor is typically set for the cap loan and the lending rate is not below that floor. In addition, the cap loan does not result in prepayment penalties for unscheduled repayments. In addition, the fixed interest rate can also be very variable, ie a transfer into a loan with fixed borrowing rate and thus absolute interest rate hedging is possible.

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